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AVIA partners with local businesses to provide a single point of contact to our clients ensuring all aspects of their needs are covered. Partnerships include PC/ IT Services and Electrical Contractors.
We offer in-wall, in ceiling and exterior speakers, powerful subwoofers and all electronics necessary to complete each Surround Sound or Whole House Audio System.

Whole HOuse AUdio

Distributed Sound Systems for the Home

Enjoy rich, full sound distributed throughout your home with Whole House Audio.  While remaining user friendly, our systems are designed to meet your expectation as well as your budget.  With multiple control options available, access your music collection as well as online radio stations by using your smart phone, tablet, or Computer.  Handheld Remote or In-Wall Controller options are available as well. 

home theater & surround Sound
High Definition ​Sound and Video

Specializing in installation of High Definition TV’s and Projectors, AVIA will work with your room design and individual preference to create a Cinema Experience in the comfort of your home.  AVIA will provide a seamless connection to allow you to enjoy your favorite movies and shows using the latest technologies and streaming applications.

Audio  Video  Integration  Automation