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"AVIA has awesome customer service.  I call and they are out within 24 hours.  Amber and Matt truly understand that as a commercial business, my audio-visual has to be up and running.  

They also go the extra mile in giving me honest advice on equipment purchases.  I feel like they are truly my business partners -- not just servicing my equipment.  Val & Golds Gym LOVE AVIA!!!"

-Val Holmes, Owner of Golds Gym in Harrisonburg

"I have used AVIA serveral times over the past five years for upgrades and repairs to my home entertainment system.  AVIA is always very responsive and they provide sound advice and recommendations.  Matt and AMber are both very responsive and always keep me in the loop with updates.  Their technicians are very knowledgeable and very hepful.  Great job, I highly recommend AVIA!"

-Daniel Blosser, Homeowner in Barrington

"AVIA has done a superb job for me.  I purchased a new remote from them, and they programmed it to my TV and I have been very satisfied since.  Their workmanship is of the highest quality, and I would highly recommend them.

They were very courteous and very helpful to me with the adjustments of all of my TV’s and etc.  I thank them a million for the installation of the new remote."

-Wallace Wampler, Homeowner in Crossroads Farm Development

"AVIA saved us when we had to get a new Comcast DVR cable box and our universal remote would no longer work.  All the stuff on line for Comcast said that no ones remotes worked anymore and they could not be programmed to the new boxes.  The service man came out and said it was easy when you have the proper tools and was done very quickly.  He also tweaked some other devices on our remote for us.  

It turned out we had a bad box from Comcast and had to do it over again.  AVIA was able to get someone out to us the very next day.  Amber called us several days later to be sure we were satisfied with thier service, which we were."

-Anneliese Patterson, Homeowner in Crossroads Farm Development

"Great service!  Fast workers!  Always available to help!"

-Allison Crawford, The Studio Hair Salon

"Everything looks great and sounds great, the techs were very nice and professional!"

-Innis Nelson, Manager MSC Rentals (Sunchase Apartments)

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