AVIA partners with local businesses to provide a single point of contact to our clients ensuring all aspects of their needs are covered. Partnerships include PC/ IT Services and Electrical Contractors.

Professional Sound & Video Systems

Distributed Video

Distributed Video allows for a single source to be displayed over multiple screens, allowing for additional viewing locations without additional systems. 

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Control & Lighting

Experience assists in customizing the electronics to overcome environmental obstacles such as high ambient light or acoustical reflections-  While simplifying the user interface and providing on-going support. 

Congregational, Restaurant & Bars, Office Systems

For high performance audio and video, AVIA provides system design and implementation, as well as an intelligent way to control it.  Working with specialized environments such as Houses of Worship, Gyms and Restaurants/ Bars, AVIA provides consultation and system design services for all audio/visual needs.

Planning  -  Design  -  Installation -  Support

Audio  Video  Integration  Automation